Monday, May 18, 2009

Recruits rushing to commit to Texas

This is hard to believe around here, where it seems as if most of the top prep rising senior football players’ have narrowed their college choices to, oh, a dozen or so schools, but many of the best prospects in the country have already made up their minds and committed.

Texas, for instance, with that old smooth-talker Mack Brown, has already received commitments from 21 players, according to our buddies at Think of that; the Longhorns can almost field a starting lineup of future freshmen.

And they aren’t taking just anybody; seven are in Scout’s top 100, and all 21 have at least three stars out of a possible five.

Four other schools—all well-known—are in commitment double figures. And those four, Texas A&M (16), Florida (12), Alabama (12) and Michigan (10), will likely soon be joined by LSU (9) and Stanford (9).

How do Carolinas schools stack up?

Surprising Duke is the leader in our area, with a total of six if you count the expected commitment of Observer N.C. Top 25 prospect Joshua Snead today.

Next comes Clemson, N.C. State and South Carolina with four apiece, followed by East Carolina with two. Finally, North Carolina and Wake Forest have one each.

You can’t even see Texas from there.—Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

This shows what a great coach can do at a great school when he is there for a long time. Too bad we didn't match the Texas offer to keep Mack. UNC would be where Texas is today. I think Darryl Royal made his offer so large that it shocked us, and we blew it! But we will get there with Butch Davis.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot if you think that UNC could be anywhere near the caliber of UT!

Chris said...

This happens every year at Texas. It's the premier program in a huge state that produces a ton of talent, so the Longhorns extend a bunch of offers and tell everyone "First one to commit gets the scholarship." So they always have at least 20 commits by the summer before signing day. Go back and look it up -- this year's scenario is not unique, and it's not a reflection on the ACC or any other coach or school. It's just a different program in a different situation with a different strategy.

The Equalizer said...

Mack Brown could never have achieved in Chapel Hill what he did in Austin and neither will Butch Davis. Football will always reign supreme in Austin and basketball in Chapel Hill. Having said that, Texas takes their roundball much more seriously than UNC takes their pigskin. Face it, UNC is a girlie-man school...HOOK 'EM HORNS!!!