Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fulton climbs Rivals' rankings--as a CB

We told you about Manning (S.C.) High CB John Fulton awhile back. Watching him perform at a recent combine, you couldn't help but be impressed by his combination of speed, quickness and athleticism.

Now others are noticing as well. recently released it's newest Top 250 prospects list. And Fulton, unranked before but No.8 in South Carolina on The Observer SC Top 25 list, has vaulted into the group at No. 183.

The problem to start with was that at 6-foot-1 and 180 pounds, most people figured Fulton would be a safety in college. But at every camp he's been to, he's displayed the mobility needed to play CB. So now we may be looking at the prototype of the big shutdown corner that every school wants.

I talked to Fulton a couple of days ago, and he said Alabama is his current leader. Then, knowing I was with the Charlotte paper, he said, "What about my boys. North Carolina hasn't offered me yet."

Sorry John, I've got no pull in that area. But I have it on good authority that they can read.

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

But you can't write, Stan. You meant 'safety' and wrote 'cornerback'.

Your constant digs at UNC are getting as tiresome as your typos.

Stan Olson said...

Hey anon,

Thanks for the tip; I did mean safety and read right over it. You could also be correct on my writing ability, although I hope not.

As for the "digs" at UNC, how is it a dig on my part when a kid says he would like them to recruit him?

Anonymous said...

You are so classless that you do not want to see the error of your ways. And to have to be corrected by "anonymous" who makes his living other than that of a sports writer is so embarrassing to others who represent your profession. Try to get all facts straight to keep from demonstrating what a big mouth you have and how unknowledgeable you really are! This is getting to be a regular thing with Stan Olson.

Anonymous said...

Just keep your yapper shut Stan and show everybody how smart you are!