Friday, May 15, 2009

N.C. State coaches play the numbers game

N.C. State has figured out an interesting method of getting recruits’ attention.

I call it the “Russian Army” approach; overwhelm the players with superior numbers, in a manner of speaking.

I’ve talked to several kids this spring who have been startled to have not one but four Wolfpack coaches show up when N.C. State drops by their schools for a visit.

For instance, Greensboro Dudley defensive back David Amerson was expecting NCSU defensive backs coach Mike Reed to stop by recently.

“I like coach Reed,” Amerson said. “But what really stood out when they came to my school (is that) a school will usually send just one coach and they actually had four coaches there. That meant a lot to me and they told me I mean a lot to their program.”

Other top in-state targets have been treated the same way by coach Tom O’Brien’s staff. The Wolfpack also had four coaches visit West Brunswick defensive end Alfy Hill, the No.5 prospect on our Top 25 NC Prospects list, and Cary DE Fre’Shad Hunter, who is ranked No.6.

“State had four coaches come over and see me," Hunter told Pack Pride. “I was kind of at a loss for words.”

Obviously, there isn’t enough time or money to use that approach on every prospect. But for kids within easy driving range, it is a nice—and effective—touch.

--Stan Olson

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