Friday, May 8, 2009

No.1 in the South Carolina class of 2012?

Last year, linebacker Preston Durham led Chapman High in Inman, S.C. in tackles, with 126.

He was a freshman.

That's right, a ninth-grader had more tackles than any of the seniors, juniors and sophomores on his team.

"He has a chance to be special," said Chapman coach Kevin Farmer. "I don't like to talk about underclassmen; he has three years left to play and who knows what will happen? But Preston is doing everything right so far."

When Farmer says everything, he means it. Durham is a straight-A student. "He sings in the chorus; he might eventually be valedictorian of his class," Farmer said.

He has been timed at 4.85 in the 40, but that should improve considerably as his body matures. Durham is 6-foot-1 and 195 pounds, up from the 180 pounds he played at last season.

"He could be a solid 220 by the time he's a senior," Farmer said.

You won't see us talk about many rising sophomores in this blog; for the most part, we'll let kids of that age enjoy being kids without the pressure of expectations. So for now, we just thought we'd mention him, familiarize you with the name.

Because in two years, everyone may be talking about Preston Durham.

--Stan Olson

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