Monday, May 25, 2009

Recruiting eyes on Providence Day's Litton

Suddenly, Providence Day rising junior QB Price Litton is a hot ticket. And that’s without even having had a starting gig yet.

Litton was a backup to Anthony Boone at Weddington last season, and would be again had he stayed at the school. So he transferred to Providence Day. In the meantime, he has been going to camps and combines, and recruiters have begun to take notice. I saw him throw at a recent combine and was impressed with his accuracy and arm strength.

While it’s a bit early for offers, Litton is being courted by Clemson, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Tennessee, UCLA and Virginia.

At the moment, he’s planning to attend the camps of Clemson, Georgia, North Carolina, Notre Dame, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Apparently, sometimes all those camps and combines can make a difference, particularly for a player who has had little game exposure. –Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

My gosh, will someone please turn off this kid's PR department. He has not even thrown a meaningful pass in a varsity game yet. There may be a good reason he never played a down at Weddington or played receiver throughout middle school football. Let him play a game on the varsity level and then let the praises and pub roll. It's unfair to him and the kid he will compete with at PD. Will he start at PD?

Anonymous said...

I wish "recruiting" were more defined. Because a parent or a coach gets a kid some mail doesn't mean he is being "recruited". I don't want to knock a high school athlete and don't know this one, but going to combines has marginal value unless it is big time athlete validating what coaches already know. Coaches don't go to these things. Some parents just push too hard for their kids to be "recruited". If they are - please look at the mail in the bedroom and keep it quiet. I doubt seriously PD is the next stopping point for big time recruiting.

Anonymous said...

Too much PR has hurt this young man. He has 0 TD passes and 8 INT's after 5 games and a record of 2-3 as a varsity QB. This kid has a very strong arm but he needs to be left alone so me can learn the position of QB. Too much hype creates too much pressure. He is a nice kid that entered the whirlwind world of media coverage and that has caused more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

First of all, combines don't mean a thing. Anyone can go to a combine and look like Payton Manning, but until you have pressure coming at you, you haven't shown a thing. Secondly, have you seen his film? Its a joke. There's about 5 plays of varsity film, and the rest is from JV. Ive never heard of a kid going Division one by sending in JV film. I hope all this recruiting stuff doesn't take away from playing football. You can get all the letters you want, but that doesn't help you win. All the "publicity" directed towards one player can hurt teams like cancer.