Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UNC signs 25 in highly-rated class

CHAPEL HILL - North Carolina coach Butch Davis stood in front of the podium this afternoon with a look of satisfaction on his face.

"Today was a very good day," Davis said at his news conference to announce the Tar Heels' 2011 class on national signing day. has ranked North Carolina's class No. 3 in the ACC. The Tar Heels signed 10 players on offense, 14 on defense and kicker/punter Miller Snyder of Charlotte.

The Tar Heels got a big signing day commitment from McKeesport (Pa.) defensive tackle Delvon Simmons, who's rated the No. 80 player in the class by

They accomplished the strong class despite an NCAA investigation into the program that caused 14 players to miss at least one game and seven to miss the entire season in 2010. North Carolina officials have said they don't know how or when the NCAA will rule on possible sanctions for the program.

But Davis said athletic director Dick Baddour researched similar cases in the past and what the sanctions might be and shared his findings with parents of prospects who were concerned.

"First and foremost, we were always honest with the kids we recruited," Davis said. ". . .We never tried to paint a picture of things that weren't realistic."

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of curious what cases they researched. I can't recall a case in the history of NCAA football where 14 players were suspended. Some for cheating, others for accepting gifts from boosters, and still others for accepting gifts from agents. I also can't recall a case where the Associate Head Coach of a program was taking kickbacks for referrals to an agent.

Tysiac - You guys ever ask UNC these questions? Or is everything taken at face value.

Anonymous said...

You must not recall much then. Ohio State, this year. The NCAA suspended them all for 4 games - next year, and didn't sanction the program at all because they failed to tell the kids that selling their stuff was wrong. UNC smells like a rose compared to that.

Will you wuffies come back to reality? There aren't going to be any sanctions. Your jealousy of UNC knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

etrateThe sanctions have already been handed out to the individuals who broke the rules. There is no reason to penalize curent players who had no part of this. In reality the infractions were very minor as they did nothing to give UNC any kind of competitive advantage on the field. Many of the "infractions" were simply that a friend let his friend spend the night at his house or gave someone transportation. There were NO recruiting violations or any paymnets to players which is what usually brings down tough sanctions. No more sanctions are necessary.

Anonymous said...

Ohio State didn't have anywhere near the number of violations UNC has (that we're aware of).

No competitive advantage?

Blake recruited much of the '07 class that ended up on suspension. He was a runner for an agent. Being able to connect players to an agent and the benefits that came with that ($, jewelry, training facilities, parties, etc.) is a pretty big advantage.

UNC is going to get hit with penalties. I understand that the players were punished, but the program is also going to be punished for the poor job it did with compliance since Butch Davis took over.

Anonymous said...

Every year it is reported that UNC had the best recruiting class in the State. IMHO here are some facts about college football in NC. There is only one football power in the state and that Appalachian St at the FCS level.

UNC facts: The last time UNC won a conference championship was 1980. In the last 10 years with all their great recruiting classes UNC has a 55-68 record, has been to 6 bowl games and are 2-4, and has not been in the Final Coaches Poll Ranking.

NCSU facts: The last time NCSU won a conference championship was 1979. In the last 10 years the Wolfpack record is 66-58, they have been to 6 bowl games and are 4-2, and they have been in the 2 of the Final Coaches Poll Rankings.

It is what it is, no matter who they recruit.

Anonymous said...

I would not trust my kid with Butch Davis.

Anonymous said...

And I would not trust my kid with you!

Steve said...

I expect that there will be minimal sanctions against UNC. If there are they should have been announced before signing day. Do you think that is a coincidence ? The NCAA is in big time sports and UNC's pocket. Many other smaller programs would have been destroyed by now with sanctions from all those violations. We shall see what happens.

AL B said...

There will be sanctions but nothing that will cause a recruit to decommit or avoid the program; several of these kids will redshirt the first year anyway. A bowl ban will only be for one year based on what happened.
UNC didn't attempt to cover up anything and assisted with the investigation.
UNC held out players (not required during an investigation) some of which weren't guilty of any wrong doing.
One rogue coach was fired.
UNC will get a one year bowl ban and maybe lose 5-10 scholarships.
They aren't a repeat offender and the head coach isn't implicated.

Who is this booster you are talking about that provided benefits? Are you talking about Hakeem Nicks? Be real....attach names to your allegations.
As far as UNC's record goes with regard to their recruiting, this year would have been drastically different if a small handful of kids had made better choices.
As far as the agent deal goes, the NCAA is just beginning to realize how much of a problem exists, especially when we have parents shopping their kids.
The NCAA and schools can only do so much.
1 year bowl ban and lose5 to 10 scholarships for a year...tops.

Anonymous said...

UNC-CHeat has already burned its reputation athletically. Now its burned its academic reputation. CONgratulations to the cheaters. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Try as you may, the value of your NCSU degree isn't going to increase if (that's right: if) the Heels get sanctions. Your school is still second-rate.

Now, go get my fucking fries.

Anonymous said...

looks like the Tarheel disturber has a woody today with all the Tarheel articles...they quote Dick Baddour and Butch Davis as saying they were totally forthcoming to the recruits...hahah...the same people the News and Observer is having to sue to realease freedom of information act documents-documents that are required by law to be released....yea we really beleive anything these two liars have to say. When the NCAA gets doen with UNC-CHEAT they will wish they had never heard the name Butch Davis.....good luck on 5 years of probation cheaters...hahahahaahahaha

Anonymous said...

Will have sanctions, won't have sanctions, maybe you guys should all meet at the bell tower and get out a ruler and start measuring. This macho give and take is really pathetic.
Maybe one of those little plastic compasses that comes with a loose leaf notebook would suffice.

Anonymous said...

That would be 0-4.


Tom O'Brien
(UNC's Daddy)

wolfman24 said...

haha. UNC can't beat NC STate and they have been cheating for the last three years. TOB has gone 4-0 against Butch Davis and Butch is always supposed to have the better recruiting class. That is the difference between the two. TOB doesn't recruit gansters to play football like Butch. TOB brings in good people and makes them good football players. I am proud to be a Wolfpacker. Proud to be clean and free of corruption. Chapped Hole surely can't say the same thing. It must be painful for the fans who always thought they were running a "clean program"