Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Q&A on UNC commit Delvon Simmons

McKeesport (Pa.) defensive tackle Delvon Simmons, who's rated the No. 80 player overall in the nation by, gave North Carolina's recruiting class a huge boost with his commitment Wednesday on national signing day.

Here's what McKeesport coach Jim Ward said about Simmons in a telephone interview:

Q: Why did he choose UNC?
A: He thought the capus was absolutely beautiful. It was far enough away from home but not too far away from home. Butch Davis’ ability to develop defensive linemen was very important. The graduation rate of their players, and being able to play in a pure 4-3.

Q: How important was playing in the 4-3?
A: It was really important. There’s a lot of schools that are starting to get into the 3-4. But it’s such a contrast to the 4-3. And to me, Delvon’s God-given ability is his athleticism and his ability to get off the ball and be disruptive. And that doesn’t lend itself to playing in that kind of scheme.
We really were limited in the end to just a couple schools that ran a real 4-3, and that was USC and North Carolina. And that’s something that was important to Delvon, to have that opportunity to be a three-technique defensive tackle and do what he feels most comfortable doing.

Q: What’s he like as a kid?
A: He’s a great kid. He’s very engaging. He’s got an incredible personality, a laugh and a smile that kind of lights up a room. He’s a very, very fierce competitor, and he’s a kid that’s very easy to like. I think he’ll be well liked by his teammates. I think he’ll be popular among his teammates. And just overall has an outstanding personality. I think North Carolina is going to be really excited to get him.

Q: Physically, what are his assets? You mentioned his athleticism.
A: He’s a little over 6-feet-5. He’s about 275 pounds. He’s got a frame in which he’s probably going to grow to about 300 pounds, or maybe a couple pounds more. Very long arms. Very explosive. And just is a kid that when you see him and you see him at 275, you think he’s probably 250 until you put him on the scale. That’s the kind of size that he has.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Question: How long has he been driving around in that Range Rover? It only looks a couple of months old.

Question: He seems to have a lot of jewlery for a kid his age. Where did he get the money for the black diamond watches, rings, necklaces, etc...?

Question: Says here he only has a 460 on his SAT and a 1.2 GPA, but I do see he took a UNC online course. Surely, he doesn't meet the academic standards set by UNC. Does he?

Anonymous said...

Who is Delvon Arrington?

Anonymous said...

Answers: (provided by Dick Baddour and Thorp) Delvon Arrington is a fine young man and we are happy to have him on our team. He represents the finest of The Carolina Way and will be a great citizen in life. We recognize the inconsistencies with where he lives and how much income his family generates as compared to his outward appeal. However we can prove nothing, know nothing, and honestly fail to recognize why we still have jobs. All we know is we have to pay for that damn stadium renovation.

Rhyno said...

I really think his name is Delvon Simmons.

Anonymous said...

I hope all you state ass fuckers die!

Anonymous said...

Anon: 2:10pm

Were you coached by Butch too! Apple doesn't fall far, I guess.

Stay classy Carolina!

Anonymous said...

He is exceptional, and another exception to the admissions criteria that >50% of the UNC Recruits utilize because of substandard minimum scores and grades as compared to other students admitted to Chapel-Hell. They even offer a short bus for these special "students" to tutorials

Anonymous said...

THUG U baby blue!


Anonymous said...

Five-star defensive tackle Delvon Simmons of McKeesport (Pa.) High returned from his official visit to USC, and after meeting with his coach …added a school to his list.
“I can tell you that North Carolina has been added,” McKeesport coach Jim Ward said. “We had a meeting behind closed doors and that is all I can say. The rest stays there.”

The rest = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon @ 2:28, try reading some of the other comments on a UNC-related article before writing "stay classy" you hypocrite.

Btw, quite the haul for Cow College today....shocker.

Anonymous said...

What is cow college? I don't really care enough to read the article, but did they ask him when he will start 'making it rain' or when he will start getting tutors to write papers? How about when does he expect his team be become eligible for bowl games again? Haha, 'whiner football is going to be the butt of a few jokes for a quite while to come.

Anonymous said...

I love that the poor kid has been a tar heel for about five minutes and people already hate his guts.

i still hope unc ends up on probation and dicky and butch both get the boot.

Anonymous said...

This kid may actually get lucky by not qualifying. He will have a chance to go to prep or Juco to straighten his grades and then he can open up his recruiting again and know more about where UNC stands in a year or two.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Clowney???

Anonymous said...

"Btw, quite the haul for Cow College today....shocker."

This said by a fan losing 0-4 to their "non-rivals." Way to keep selling your soul to the devil.

UNC = new meaning to Stars and Bars (jail)

Anonymous said...

UNC-CHeat will henceforth be known as UNC-CHeat.

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