Friday, August 28, 2009

Tar Heels have Brantley's transcript, commit to follow?

North Carolina has received Durham Mt. Zion WR Tehvyn Brantley’s transcripts, dad Leroy said this morning, and everything seems to be in order.

That means Brantley, who surprised at camp after camp this summer despite his 5-foot-8 height, could soon be a Tar Heel. UNC offered him a scholarship following a strong performance at its summer camp.

South Carolina is pushing to get into the picture at the last minute, according to Leroy Brantley, but it may be too late.

“He’s waiting to hear from coach (Steve) Spurrier,” Tehvyn’s father said, “But there’s a good chance he’ll commit to North Carolina next week.”

If you would like to see Brantley in action, Mt. Zion plays at Concord First Assembly 7:30 at Webb Field.

--Stan Olson

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Anonymous said...

What a wa$te. Butch won't be around after a 4-8 season this season. Duke is going to put a hurt on the baby blue heels in a fe weeks. Bye-Bye Butch!

Unknown said...

Gagging... laughing too hard... at former comment... Dook "beating" The Heels... choke... too funny!

Anonymous said...

Visor Boy Jr. will be exposed as the fraud he is. Maybe UNC-CH will give him another undeserved raise after 5-7 or 6-6 including losses to ECU and Duke at home.

Anonymous said...

As big as a circus this kid and his Father have created during the recruiting process, it will only get worse for UNC's coaching staff, talk abut high maintenence. Prediction, a year from now when this kid is not starting, the transfer rumours will start.

Stan Olson said...

Actually, the kid is a good guy; a hard worker but at 5-8 just trying to get noticed. He's finally done so.

Anonymous said...

Dook has a football team?

Anonymous said...

UNC-CH fans will wake up in a cold sweat after losing to ECU, Duke, and State this year in football. And ECU fans will rip down Kenan's goal posts September 19th! LOL!

Reality Police said...

Is there really a guy so adamant about duke football he has posted on this comment section 3 times? I didn't think that was possible. What a wipe.

Anonymous said...

Duke 50 - UNC-CH 0. Mark it down doubters!

Anonymous said...

Dear God. Give a dook fan a win and they think they can beat everyone. Cut's a good coach but you're retarded to think that 50-0 is gonna happen in favor of dook. Quit sniffing K's jock in hopes that the flimsy excuse for success in basketball will translate to the football field.

Anonymous said...

Brandon Stegall; Senior All-State Free Safety and Division 1 prospect, of First Assembly Christian was moved from safety to cornerback for last night’s game by Coach Mike Minter to defend Tehvyn Brantley.

Stegall’s assignment – go with Brantley every play, every down. Stegall defended Brantley all night in MAN Coverage. Stegall blanketed him and shut him down!!! Stegall allowed Brantley to catch ZERO passes for the entire night.

Stegall (6’1-185 & a 4 year varsity starter) known for his speed, coverage, and big hits – almost broke Brantley in half on an attempted wide receiver screen.

UNC has requested Stegall's transcripts and more film.

Anonymous said...

Why is a Duke fan talking crap on a comments page about North Carolina?
Because he would get his ass kicked in real life.

Anonymous said...

It will be a pleasure to rip down UNC-CH's goalposts in Kenan in a few weeks. Lock up your daughters, because we're coming.



apoxonbothyourhouses said...

while Duke is improving their football team, they are a LONG way from matching the speed that UNC is going to put on the field this year.

While Duke may stay with UNC for the first half, I see UNC pulling away in the 2nd and completely dominating Duke in the 4th Quarter, winning by 25.

It's funny, though, that Duke fans have to resort to talking s@#$ about FOOTBALL of all things when everybody knows that they've been exposed as sorry B#$%@#$ on the basketball court.

Anonymous said...

Since when did ECU become a football team. You have beaten UNC, what, 2 times since you started playing them in 72 out of 11 games with 1 tie. So let me see, that's 8-2-1 UNC. Stop acting like ECU is some powerhouse when you clearly are an inferior team.

Dook lets not get carried away. I will go back to Spuirer just so I can't some win. You have won 4 games against UNC since 87. Please stop the insanity.

You don't have to like anything UNC but stop acting like you don't see the incredible talent BD is accumulating at UNC. Just because you say you can beat someone doesn't make it so. Stop winning the occasional game and thinking you have arrived somewhere.