Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are Wolfpack, Tar Heels missing on Kilgo?

Weddington High defensive tackle Darius Kilgo gets better and better.

A lot of that is because a summer in the weight room has peeled off most of his excess weight; listed at 310 pounds this spring, he’s trimmed down and toned up.

“I weighed him this morning and he was 296 pounds on the dot,” said Weddington coach Justin Hardin.

Kilgo appears to be one of those borderline prospects, largely because he’s 6-foot-3 and major schools like their offensive linemen to be a bit taller. Some have already decided that it doesn’t matter in his case—East Carolina and Maryland have offered Kilgo, and Clemson is considering doing so.

Not everyone is that enthusiastic, though.

“He likes Chapel Hill and N.C. State a lot,” Hardin said. “But neither is on him real hard right now.”

Kilgo, ranked No.24 on our NC Top 25 Prospects list, has added considerable quickness with his drop in weight.

“He can really move,” Hardin said. “But as for a school, I don’t think he’s looking to make a quick decision.”

--Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

The last name would be enough to keep me from recruiting him.

Anonymous said...

Coach Davis desperately needs OL help THIS YEAR! Get him here now or else we'll have a 4-8 season. Go Heels!