Friday, July 10, 2009

The Carolinas' junior class: Expect the exceptional

I have put together a list of the top rising juniors in the Carolinas for Sunday’s Observer; we’re listing ten from each state who could wind up being the best in the Class of 2011.

I should have mentioned this when I was writing about Clowney in the previous blog, because he is a big part of this story. As you might have guessed, he’s one of South Carolina’s Top Ten.

This is hardly scientific, but hopefully it will give you an early idea of which players schools in the area will be homing in on for 2011. So check out Sunday’s paper, and one big hint—think quarterbacks.

--Stan Olson


Unknown said...

Porter Ridge High- Union County

Watch Out

Baron Massey- Is a Beast!

Only a Sophomore

WR/CB- Shut down corner.

Great Quickness, Speed-A lot of football instincts!! Plus he likes to lay the wood

This group has played together for about 6 years now.

Last year they were 8-3, They will make playoffs this year!!!

Colleges line up now!!

John P said...

Everett Golston a 5-star lock. Hopefully Butch can woo him to Chapel Hill

Anonymous said...

Enjoying the recruiting coverage! Keep up the great work! & GO DAWGS!

Stan Olson said...

The Carolinas have some bigtime kids in the pipeline, fellas. Drop me any tips you have, and I'll be all over them when I get back...

realtalk said...

I think the kid from Chester Tony Mcneal is going to be superb can't wait to follow him this year. I had a chance to watch him compete in the 7 on 7 at the University of South Carolina and Wake Forest this kid is awesome they won both he also turned a lot of heads at the Elite 11 in athens and performed real well at Clemson and Chapel Hill at Camp this Summer. I think this kid is the truth.