Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wolfpack adds a tight end, too

Newark (Del.) High football coach Butch Simpson said you don't hear the ball hit David Grinnage's hands when Grinnage catches a pass.

"He has incredibly soft hands," Simpson said. "Catching the ball is probably the best thing that he does."

The 6-foot-5, 243-pound senior committed to N.C. State on Tuesday.

"I think that N.C. State is looking at him as a tight end, but we run a spread and he was more of a slot back, an H-back for us," Simpson said. "We had four good receivers ahead of him at the start of last season, but he kept getting better and better and started catching passes and scoring touchdowns."

Newark finished 6-4 in 2010, but averaged 37 points per game.

Grinnage is a great athlete, Simpson said. Grinnage was a wrestler and hit clean up for the Newark baseball team.

-- Tim Stevens


Anonymous said...

Why no Duke updates, Disturber? They just signed the top tight end in the state. Be professional.

Anonymous said...

They are being professional by not commenting on duke football...same way state basketball is on the back burner.