Friday, March 12, 2010

Junior wing forward commits to Duke

Duke has received a commitment from Michael Gbinije, a 6-foot-6, 180-pound junior basketball wing player from Richmond (Va.) Benedictine.

Dave Telep, the recruiting director of, has Gbinije ranked No. 14 among the juniors in the country. Gbinije is averaging 17.8 points and 6 rebounds for a 23-7 Benedictine.

Benedictine coach Sean McAloon said Gbinije is a good shooter and gets to the rim well.

"There are things he can improve on, but he is just a junior," McAloon said. "At the next level, he is going to need to be stronger. I think his game is going to translate very well on the next level."

McAloon said early in the recruiting process Gbinije discussed Duke.

"Duke basketball is like Notre Dame football. A lot of people love it and a lot of people hate it," ,McAloon said. "But for Michael it began and ended with Coach K. I mean he is the U.S. Olympic coach. And when Michael finishes his career, rather he plays in the league or overseas, he is going to have a Duke degree. He is going to be set for life."

Telep said Gbinije is smooth and talented.

"He is going to blend in very well at Duke," Telep said. "Michael is a very intelligent player and has played in a disciplined, structured system."I'd like to see him play a little bit more aggressively, but he is an outstanding prospect."

Gbinije recently attended the Duke vs. North Carolina game and made his commitment shortly after.

Tim Stevens


panfan1 said...

String Bean!

Anonymous said...

Larry Drew II today calls out the UNC-CH "fans."

"To those people, honestly, to those people, I would say that they can't have their way all the time. Some people are just so spoiled, man. Especially Carolina fans..."

The Whine and Cheese Crowd has thrown these KIDS under the bus.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT the Carolina way! Revoke that gentleman's scholarship immediately. Pathetic! This young "American" should head back towards the West Coast.

Anonymous said...

To the Drew comment,
What does this article have to do with Larry Drew or UNC?

Anonymous said...

"Duke basketball is like Notre Dame football."

Does he mean overrated and hasn't won anything important in years?

Anonymous said...

Becasue Larry Drew II should be kicked off our team! He is embarrassments!

Anonymous said...

Who are these IDIOTS from UNC-CH commenting on this thread? Go home to the Nose Dome! Failures!

Anonymous said...

Can Larry Drew II please eat a shoe? I am paying for his meals through the Rams Club. Inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

The whiny UNC-Chapel Hill fans have now caused Larry to transfer out of the program. Thanks a lot! Now you have NO ONE to blame except yourselves. Oh, and by the way -- the Dean Dome is a DUMP!

Anonymous said...

With all of Duke's talent, this kid will be lucky to see 5 minutes of playing time every now and then. And while a degree from Duke is far more valuable than some schools, his high school coach needs to wake up to the fact that no one is "set for life" by any degree any more. Making it in life takes lots of work and lots of luck; but being smart and having a good education are certainly two "legs up" on making it!

Anonymous said...

charlotte will take him. lol. they just need to find a coach too